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How does the Path of Exile prevent death? How does the Path of Exile prevent death?

   Discussion: How does the Path of Exile prevent death?
Terberwin · 2 months ago
Blood 5000, chaos resistance is negative! You don't die, who is dying! T16's four BOSS attacks have more than 8,000 damage! 5000 blood, you can mix to T15 is already lucky. First of all, your Path of Exile BD with the flame totem is more cost-effective than lava damage, of course, this is the damaged part. Secondly, in order to achieve the effect of cursing the wound, the two rings are bound, and a necklace is bound. I remember. . . How can the blood volume reach 7,000, otherwise it can't stand, and the resistance is good, it can't be negative. . . You have two ways to go with this BD. The first is to turn totem + summon. . . The result is still anemia. The second is to point out the blue blood, maybe a little better. . . Overall your BD design is quite a failure.

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