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Smart watches for Children - Which ones to Choose? Smart watches for Children - Which ones to Choose?

   Discussion: Smart watches for Children - Which ones to Choose?
maxxwell · 1 month ago
If you want the child to stay in touch, but the idea of ​​giving him a phone seems too dangerous (suddenly taken away?), Then they can come to the rescue "smart watch". A smart watch for children is a truly multifunctional device that helps children stay in touch with their parents, keep up with everything and be under parental care even at a distance. In these modern children's gadgets, under the dial are hidden not only the mechanisms that count the time, but also a mini-phone, accelerometer, gyroscope, navigator and microcircuits with useful functions that turn the watch almost into a laptop computer. Even earlier, the existence of such watches seemed fantastic, but now they are available to almost everyone, to the delight of children and parents. What features should I look for? Another equally important function of children's smart watches is water resistance. Any child has to wash his hands, wash, and sweat during physical education classes, so it is important that the watch remains immune to moisture. Battery capacity is another option to choose from. The longer the watch can work without recharging, the longer the child can remain under the remote supervision of his parents. What can be neglected when choosing? So that from the clock the child does not have problems at school, it is better not to choose devices on which a large number of games are recorded. Children's watches are often equipped with a lot of entertainment, some of them are useful, for example, puzzles, others are not very good, for example, “shooters” and “walkers”. However, if the child is conscious, then this will not be a hindrance. One of the most favorite watch functions among schoolchildren is their ability to open files and connect to the Internet, which allows you to use the watch as cheat sheets. Whether or not to buy devices with such capabilities depends on the particular child: they will spoil some, others will make them better prepare for classes. Why do children's watches improve safety? When choosing a watch for a child, many parents seek to ensure its safety. The GPS function monitors the movement of the child, which allows you to determine where he was. For many watches, when they are removed, a mechanism is triggered that sends a notification to parents, so you can not be afraid of losing the device. Child protection can also be provided with the SOS button. Pressing it on the watch sends an alarm to parents. Many of the devices are equipped with a test call function, which allows you to determine the situation around the child. Such a call does not distract the child from classes, in the clock, the sound recording mode is turned on, which is broadcast to parents. This sound helps to determine whether the child is now having a bad influence, or if he is just in the classroom.  

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